4 Elements GUI

– Animated icons and button – simply attach a script and get two types of animations on any Image UI component. Check the Web player preview
*NOTE: This animation technique is working only in Screen Space Camera!
– 24 prefabs added to simplify building UI with the new Unity 4.6 GUI
– REMOVED the DFGUI demo scene, this pack is no more supporting this framework directly (you can still use it but you need to change the import settings of the art)
4 Elements is magic themed fantasy interface consisting of more than 50 elements at your disposal. 15 unique spell icons and 3 types of slots for them + 4 icons for Fire, Air, Water and Earth elements. The Example scene is done with the new Unity3D GUI.

The product features:
– Everything exported in separate .png format
– The complete Photoshop .psd file
– All fonts included: .TTF and bitmap font
– 56 Elements
– 15 spell Icons
– idle animations for the empty spell slots
– 2 backgrounds at 2048×2048 resolution
– 8 Icons
– Organized group/layered .PSD

You can preview the package here WEB PLAYER PREVIEW…  

You can find the package on the Unity Asset Store HERE.
* Please note this is .psd files and sliced .png files for all of the elements in the asset.

For Support or questions please use the link below: